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Bent Oval Tags

Bent Oval Tags


Bent Oval Tags

If you are looking for some kind of tags which not only have regular oval shape but, are also curved then, the bent oval tags are best for you. These tags come in different kind of shapes where different places of these tags might be bend.

The bended oval tags can also get bent from center to make them look like a standing tag. These tags are useful when you want to give your product a unique shaped tag and also want your item to look unique on the shelves.

The bent tags are printed from different kind of materials including paper, cardboard and oval where the paper material aims to provide class looking and attractive tags. You can also choose the cardboard material which aims to provide rigid material as well as more texture and colors options for the tags. The vinyl printed bent tags can be used where the tags are expected to get wet. The vinyl material also provides transparency.

Swingtagsco.co.uk offer different kind of shapes for the printing of oval bent tags where you different shapes provide different looks. You can select the custom option to get your tags printed with any kind of text on them while the die-cut option is available when you want your tags to be printed in any shape you like.

All the tags printed by us can further be customized by choosing emboss, stamp and foiling in gold or silver. All our tags are pre-punched with a hole which means you just have to add thread and start hanging them to your products.

We offer cheap priced printing services without compromising on the quality of the material and designs. You can also get your bent oval tags shipped free of cost to any location in the United Kingdom.