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Card Hang Tags

Card Hang Tags


Card Hang Tags

If you are looking for two-way tags which not work to add tag to your products but, also work as a greeting card then, the card hang tags are best for you. These tags work as tag as well as also carry as special message which is usually printed on greeting cards.

These tags can be used on a variety of items including gifts for birthdays, gifts for New Year and many more. These tags can also be used by shops to add special message for their customers who are buying their items.

The card tags are printed from different king of materials where you have the option to select from paper, cardboard and vinyl. The paper printed tags look classic while the cardboard ones add textures and have different colors along without compromising rigidness. The vinyl material looks transparent and also provide transparency.

Swingtagsco.co.uk offer different shapes for the printing of the card tags where standard ones like circular, square and rectangular are available. You can also choose from custom which lets you add any kind of text while the die-cut enables to print any kind of unique shape.

All the tags printed by us have full-color which means you can have any kind of image or text printed in color as you want.

You can also choose to have all your card hang tags delivered at your doorsteps anywhere in the United Kingdom without any incurring cost.