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Circular Tags

Circular Tags


Circular Tags

Circular tags are those kind of tags which are round in shape but, provide different kind of edges. The edges of these round tags can vary from spiked, curved or bubbled.

The circle tags are available for printing in different shapes where you can choose from shapes like round, custom and die-cut. The custom circle tags are can be printed with any kind of text on them while the die-cut option is suitable when you want to have your desired shaped tags printed.

The circular tags can also be printed from different kind of materials including the paper, cardboard as well as vinyl. The paper printed tags are the simplest one of their kinds and they also make your products look attractive. The cardboard material can be used when you want to have your tags a hard look and you can also choose from different textures and colors for the printing of cardboard tags. The vinyl tags are useful when you wish to have your tags printed for wet environment as they provide transparency. The vinyl tags are also transparent and provide see-through options.

The round tags printed by us come in full-color which means you will be able to get any kind of color or image printed on the tags without worrying about colors.

You can consult our professional team of designers who ensure that all the designs for the printing of tags are as per your desired and the design is not sent for printing until it is finalized by you. The designing services are offered free of cost while you can also choose to get your tags shipped free of cost to any location in the Kingdom.