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Elegant Rounded Tags

Elegant Rounded Tags


Elegant Rounded Tags

If you are looking for some kind of tags which are simply looking but, still have the elegant look to make them attractive when they are attached to your products then, the elegant rounded tags are best for you. These tags are like regular round tags but, are designed from simple yet attractive materials and have classic looking colors.

The elegant tags are printed from materials like paper, cardboard and vinyl where the paper material is simple but, still looks classic and helps in adding beauty to your products. The paper materials is the most widely used material for the printing of tags but, you can also choose from other materials like cardboard and vinyl. The cardboard material is very much similar to the paper material but, it is much stiff and provides more customization options for material like colors and textures. The vinyl material can also be used for the printing of tags where this material is transparent and provides waterproofing properties.

Swingtagsco.co.uk offer more customization options where you can choose from options like emboss or stamping which will give you physical uniqueness. If you are looking to add shine to your tags then, the foiling in gold and silver can be done. UV coating is also available which will add an extra layer of protection to your tags to protect them from scratches.

All the elegant round tags printed by us come with pre-punched holes on the appropriate location which makes the tags ready for use by you when you receive the order at your doorsteps. All the deliveries of tags are done free of cost to any address in the United Kingdom.

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