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Leather Hang Tags

Leather Hang Tags


Leather Hang Tags

Leather Hang tags are the one which are printed from leather material. These tags look unique and premium and they are mostly used on items like bags, shoes and clothes.

The leather tags are printed from high quality material where the leather being used for printing is top of its class. The leather material might be obtained from camel, goat or cow hide and the leather being used is top of its class and doesn’t have any pigmentation on it.

All the leather printed tags come in different shapes where standard shapes like circle, square and rectangle can be used. While if you are looking for something unique then the custom and die-cut option might be useful. The custom option lets you get any kind of text printed on the tags while the die-cut is useful when want to get your desired shape printed for tags.

All the tags printed from lather material can be customized by getting them embossed or stamped which will ensure that your tags also look physically unique. You can also get your tags foiled in gold or silver to add shine. UV coating on these tags will let you add an extra layer of protection from scratches.

You can consult our skilled team of designers for the printing of all the designs as per your desired and the designs are not finalized and sent for printing until you approve the designs. The designing services are offered free of cost as well as the shipping which is done to any location in the United Kingdom without any incurring cost.