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Lips Tags

Lips Tags


Lips Tags

Lips tags are usually printed in the shape of lips of hearts and these tags are suitable for adding details to your perfumes and other beauty products. These tags can also come with lips images on them while the actual shape can be of your desires.

All the lips tags are printed from premium quality materials including paper, cardboard and plastic based vinyls. The paper printed lips tags are ensured to have decent yet attractive looks while the cardboard printed tags are hard enough for use on items which are used very roughly. The vinyl printed lip tags are waterproof and also have transparency.

Swingtagsco.co.uk offer different kind of shapes for the printing of tags where you can choose from traditional ones like circle, square and rectangle. But, if you want something more unique then the custom and die-cut printing options might be suitable for you as the die-cut enables to get any kind of unique and unusual shape printed while the custom allows to have any kind of text printed on the tags.

You can also choose to customize your tags according to your desires by choosing where we provide additional personalization options like emboss, stamp and foiling which is available in gold and silver. UV coating can also be selected if you want to protect your tags from scratches.

The lips tags are printed in full-color by us which means your tags will look beautiful and eye catching and all your tags are printed in your desired colors. The full-color option ensures that your tags add beauty to the item they are attached to.

You can get all the tags printed at cheap rates and get them delivered free of cost to any location in the United Kingdom without worrying about the size of consignment.