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Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags


Luggage Tags

Three types of luggage tags, commonly used, are: the one which are used by the traveler themselves for the protection and identification of their luggage, the ones attached by the travel companies (transporters, airlines, etc.) and the tags which are used by the courier companies. The one main feature of the luggage tags, common among all three types is; they are for the temporary use and one must be able to write on them, i.e. the name of the owner, the sender company/courier/transporter, and the in some cases, some digital codes/bar codes by the transporter to identify the luggage by using the digital scanner.     

The travelers can either write the her/his name and details on the tag, manually, or by computerized printer. Swingtagsco.co.uk offers five different designs of the luggage tags, which are; rectangular, square, round, Die-Cut or custom. All the luggage tags can be printed in any color, any size or any shape with a little hole at any corner for the thread. You can get the luggage tags as per your need or the requirement of the nature of the business.             

Keeping in view the specific temporary nature of the luggage tags, soft / hard cardboard good quality is widely used for the printing so that not only the owner can write its name or details on it, but which can also be printed by printer and stamped and identified by the checkers / deliverers by using the digital scanner.

For the printing of the tags, the CMYK basic colors are usually applied. All efforts are made to print the cheap but good quality tags. Printed tags are shipped, free of cost, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size, weight or value of the consignment.

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