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Mini Heart Tags

Mini Heart Tags


Mini Heart Tags

Mini heart tags are made in the mini heart shape and used, widely and extensively, in the Ladies target market for use in jewelry or gift items. Historically, the mini heart has been a symbol of the love, affection, care and devotion. Typically printed on the mini heart shape Die-Cut, the tags are traditionally attached to the jewelry, garments, perfumes but specifically with the gifts, cards and other items like this. The heart tags are a must tag for the gifts sent to the beloved and spouses. The image or text, printed on the small heart tags, is usually heart and the messages of love and / or proposal.

Swignstickersco.co.uk offers two types and designs of the compact heart tags which are; custom and Die-Cut tags which can be printed in any color, any shape and any size, depending upon your demand and order.

These tags are, globally, printed on the very shining and light-reflecting cardboard (superfine, white, multi-colored, glazed, made with special effects and laminated), UV coated material and clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic. Gold / Silver foiled material with embossed / stamped printing and Die-Cut techniques are hot popular for the printing of the mini heart tags. Normally, thick material is applied to give some touch of reality if embossed /stamped techniques are used for the printing.

Images and text/love messages are vastly printed with best combination and spectrum of colors, such as, full, bright, shining, glowing, lively, vibrant and eye-catching colors. Golden colors are applied for the printing on the Silver colored/foiled material and so on. Special emphasis is laid upon the use of contrasting colors, e.g. Golden or Silver colors on red or eye-catching orange background.                 

After very careful and intensive printing process to make the cheapest and best quality tags, the shipment is made, free of cost and within stipulated time, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size or weight of the consignment.