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Retail Tags

Retail Tags


Retail Tags

Retail tags are a very common and widely used type of tags which is almost a must use tag type for the retail business. Retail tags are used for products sold in the retail shops, for other outlets, such as, gift shop or online shops while shipping the products. Depending upon the nature and specific application of the tags, the tags are made of the appropriate material. For the common use retail products, the tags are printed with only few details. On the other hand, for the specific and other than normal used products, the retail tags are printed with details of the products. You may ask us to print the details on the tags, as per the Marketing mix of the product. For the very costly and luxury items, such as, he jewelry or famous brands of perfume, the best quality tags are printed.    

Swingtagsco.co.uk offers five different types of tags for the use in the retail market from which you may choose the one, as per your requirements for your retail business. The designs are; square, rectangular, round, Die-Cut or custom and you can get them printed in any color, shape or size.

The use of the material for the printing of the tags for the retail business depends upon the price, usage or the nature of the product for which the tags are being printed. For the grocery or the general home consumption products, the simple soft/hard cardboard is used of the printing while for some of the costly or gift type items, the better quality of paper (superfine, laminated or glazed), UV coated material or the thick PVC plastic can also be used.

Again, the choice of the color depends upon you but, normally, for the low cost and price general products, the CMYK basic colors are used for the printing whereas for the printing of the high-priced and good quality products, the better and rich combination of the full, bright, and dense colors is applied. For the better quality and the gift type items, the embossing or stamping techniques of printing are applied while the Gold / Silver foiled paper can also be a used.

The Cheap and the best quality tags are shipped, free of cost, to you within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.