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Sale Tags

Sale Tags


Sale Tags

If you are looking for some kind of tags which can add details as well as help boost the sales of your products then the sale tags are best for you. These tags are designed specifically with special materials and attractive colors to ensure that all the product they are added to look unique.

The sale tags can be printed from different kind of materials including the cardboard, paper and vinyl. The paper material look simple but, add beauty to them. The cardboard material is made from rigid material to ensure that the tags can with stand regular wear and tear. The vinyl printed tags are transparent in look and also provide waterproofing.

Swingtagsco.co.uk offer different kind of shapes which can be selected for the printing of tags. You can select from traditional shapes including rectangle, square and circular while the custom option can be used to get any kind of text printed on the tags. The die-cut tags are printed from specifically made dies to ensure that all any shape can be printed.

You can also choose to add further personalization to your tags by choosing from options like emboss, stamp and foil. Foiling is also available in different colors where you can choose from options like gold and silver to add shine to your tags. You can also add an extra layer of protection by using the UV coating which will protect your tags from scratches.

All the sale tags printed by us are in high quality which means they will add value to your products and make your items look unique and help them stand out from other items on the shelves. You can also choose to have your tags shipped free of cost to any location in the United kingdom.