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Wave Tags

Wave Tags


Wave Tags

If you are selling some kind of water products like water guns, water-balloons or even swimming items then the wave tags are best for you. These tags are printed in a shape which have wave like edges to make them suitable for use on water-related items.

The wave hang tags can be printed from different materials like paper, cardboard or even plastic based vinyls. The paper printed tags are suitable when you want to get simple but, elegant looking tags for your products. While the cardboard material is stiff and you can select from multiple textures for the printing of cardboard tags. The vinyl printed hang tags are used when you want to have your tags printed with transparency.

The wave hang tags are available in different shapes where standard ones like rectangle, circle and square are available. While the customized shapes like custom allow you to have any kind of text printed on the tags or simply choose the die-cut option to have your desired shape printed.

The wave hang tags can further be customized by choosing from options like embossing or stamping while the shine can be added by selecting from gold and silver. You can also choose to have your tags protected from scratches by choosing the UV coating which adds a thin layer of protection.

Swingtagsco.co.uk offer cheap priced printing for the wave tags and you can also get them shipped free of cost to any location in the United Kingdom.